Why Choose Us?

Why choose us?


Constructive are based in Lancashire. We have two offices and show areas, Firstly in Bury, Greater Manchester and Secondly in Carnforth. We install, service and repair paving and landscapes throughout Lancashire, Cumbria and Cheshire areas all year round. We carry out Domestic and Commercial projects alike. We strive to earn our clients continued business, NOT to do a "hit and run" job. As part of our commitment to maintaining and improving the quality of our service and workmanship, we consistently appraise our working methods to ensure they progress in line with our standards.

Why Trust us?

When you invest in any property improvement it is important that you choose a company that you have confidence in and can trust. At Constructive our business is built on three simple principles, these are Quality, Reliability and Value for money. When you invest in our services you will recieve a high quality product that is fitted and installed to a superior standard, that is backed up by a comprehensive guarantee.


As a family owned company you can rest assured that you will recieve that personal touch. We enjoy working closely with our clients in order to develop the project so that they can add their own influences in the decision making process. We talk in depth about what they want from the project, and what is correct for the property, so every installation can be personally designed to your tastes.

Quality and Reliability

We are punctual, polite and sometimes humourus and we always endeavour to complete the job properly, first time, every time. However when the odd problem does occur you can have peace of mind that we are more than happy to deal with it. Our tradesmen work competently on your property ensuring work is carried out as specified and to the highest possible standard, with the minimum of fuss and leaving your property as clean and tidy as they found it. Ensuring you are delighted with the finished result. Visit our testimonials by clicking here

Pricing & Value

You won’t find prices on our website. Why? Because all Constructive's products and services are tailor made - especially designed and fitted in accordance to what you and your property require.

Some companies will quote approximate prices on their websites or even when you first speak to them on the phone. We cannot give you an approximate price online – it would be impossible to give you an accurate figure. As such, any websites offering you a price online should be treated with caution as you may end up with a nasty surprise if you invite them round.

We strongly believe in providing you with a price tailored to your exact requirements.

On going servicing

As you may know...

A decoratively paved area is the crowning glory for any property, however paving maintenance is a necessity, but can be time consuming and downright frustrating for many property owners.

If you have tried to maintain your paved areas you will know the many pitfalls you can encounter:

  • What are the best antifungal products to us that will last?
  • Can I use a power washer?
  • How do I rid the area of weeds?
  • What type of sand should I use?
  • What is it that makes my driveway sink and migrate?
  • Why does the algae and moss come back?
  • Which protective sealants should I use?
  • How do I apply the sealants?
  • What will a sealant do to my drive?
  • Why do my paved areas never look good for long?

All of these questions race through your mind as you look out through your window at your once so beautiful paved area. The main advantage of using our service is that all these issues are dealt with for you by trained professionals. Our experts will kill the weeds, control the moss and help sustain the longevity and appearance of one of your property's greatest assets.

Whats More...

At Constructive we believe our paving operatives should receive regular training and development in our specialised areas, this way you can be assured that your paving is being maintained in the correct way.

We save you time and effort. No more hassle means all you have to do is sit back and concentrate on those more important things in life.

Unlike many paving companies, we don’t stop caring once you’ve ordered. Every customer is looked after and kept informed we make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. You’ll also receive a comprehensive welcome pack that outlines our process step by step so you’ll know what’s happening and when. The only thing left to chance is the weather!

We can save you the headaches! You may worry that the methods and products you are currently using is being applied incorrectly, at the right time and if it will work?

Peace of mind. You can trust in our reputable service, knowing that your paving is receiving the very best care throughout the year.Block Paving Cleaning

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