Tarmac - Our Method of installation

Tarmac is certainly one of the most durable materials that can be used for a driveway or parking area! With numerous benefits its no wonder it is the most commonly used surface in the world!


The correct method of the construction of your new driveway is an integral part to its longevity and overall lasting appearance. We have all heard of the horror stories that people have encountered over the years, where so called landscapers have attempted to install a tarmac driveway! At first it looks great but within a few short years ( if your lucky!), that thin layer of Tarmac that was overlayed has soon disintergrated. Revealing the inadequate base that is supposed to structurally hold the weight of everyday trafficking.

In our experience and knowledge, the key to a structurally sound driveway or patio is in the preperation of the base. If installed properly it is guaranteed to last!

This is what the owner had to say about how we installed their driveway below:

The final result is exactly as promised by Trevor and chris and has transformed the kerb appeal of the property! The preperation work was excellent and the block laying and levels have provided a perfect surface with great drainage! Frequent communication from Chris kept us informed of the progress and the next planned activity!
David Pritchard, Bury

Below you will find the process Constructive Driveways adheres to >>

Step 1

Excavate to sufficient ground depth and remove any subsoil

Step 2

Scrape to set the levels

Step 3

Lay Geotextile woven membrane to minimise sinkage and strengthen the sub base. This also supresses weed growth!

Step 4

Place Class 1 M.O.T on top of Geo textile, to a minimum of 7 inch depth. Compaction plate or rollered at 4 inch depth and again at final depth!

Step 5

Set levels and install appropriate drainage

Step 6

Install Concrete flush surface protection edge

Step 7

Picture frame the driveway with optional extra block paving edgings

Step 8

Check surface levels and finally prepare the sub base in readiness for the Tarmac base coat installation.

Step 10

Install and roller in approx 2" of Tarmac base coat

Step 11

Roller and Tamper the Top coat/ finishing coat onto the base coat

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