Tarmac maintenance


Tarmacadam or for short Tarmac, can be seen as being an extremely durable surface to use on any road surface, car park area or domestic driveway and paths. Known for its supreme qualities, if layed correctly it is likely to last for years.

However it should still be recognised that these surfaced areas a rigorously tested on a daily basis, even the least used parking area will be trafficked on average over 4 times a day ( thats nearly 1500 times a year). Elements of wear and tear will occur over the years.

People should be aware, that they should adopt a preventative proceedure in order to help sustain the longevety and the appearance of the surface. You could look at it from a simple perspective, if you had bought a new car, would you just let it run and run. Unlikely! You would service it atleast once a year, otherwise it will develop problems.

Constructive can offer advise on this matter and we run an annual maintenance program to assist you with the upkeep of your paved areas.

If you would like to further information about tarmac cleaning and maintenance please follow the link, alternatively contact our office


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