There are a selection of sealants available and there efficacy often is proportional to their price. However it is essential that the correct type of sealant is used for each specific type of paving.

The sealants are intended to enhance the colour, protect the paving from stains, inhibit weed growth and in the case of block paving stabilise the sand which will help prevent paving failure. In all, a well applied sealant will assist in the long term preservation of your homes paved areas.

NB: A good quality sealant will prevent weeds settling into the pavement structure. However, even the very best sealant cannot prevent the build-up of detritus, and if this is allowed to accumulate on top of a surface, the weeds will quite happily take up residence, regardless of the sealant.

Many DIY stores now offer a limited selection of paving sealer. However as mentioned earlier there price is related to their durability. Sadly we have come across a number of driveway disasters were a persons DIY attempt after picking up a bargain at the local garden centre has irreversibly altered the appearance of their precious paving and nothing can be done to rectify the application. We always recommend if somebody is going to attempt a DIY application to consult a professional first, we will be more than happy to advise on the correct sealants and the most suitable process to use.

Through using the sealing services that Constructive Driveways can offer, there will be no risk of the DIY disaster, and we can assure you that your paved areas will receive first class experience and industry leading sealant applications that will actually increase the lifespan of your paving.

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