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Block Paving
Block paving can often provide years of service when laid correctly, however even a well laid drive will deteriorate over time. The sub- base that the block are laid on is often eroded through water ingress and saturation, this then leads onto what is technically known as Paving Failure. The easiest way to spot the signs of this problem is to look for deformation and sinking of the block, when it rains you will often see puddling gathering within these depressions. The earlier the paving is repaired the better, if left in this condition in just a couple of seasons the area will become hazardous and may need replacing altogether.

Below is the problem caused with many driveways as block begin to sink and puddles begin to form, causing further problems to the sub- base.

The solution is to uplift the area and replace the sub- base with grit sand. Tampered evenly to provide a suitable base to lay the block.

The area is relayed to remove deformation and improve appearance. The block has been cleaned and sealed providing future protection from water ingress and overall improving the aesthetic look of the area.

Ants Nest infestation
We can uplift the area to find the source of the problem, and eradicate those pests using a simple process.

Root damage
Suprisingly roots from the trees and shrubs that grow next to the driveway more often than not grow under the base of the paved area, often they cause substantial damage to the ingrety of the sub-base and will often lead to irreperable future damage. We can remove "most" roots and repair the driveway base, the block paved area will then be reinstated leaving behind very little evidence of the damge that had been caused.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete
This surface in our opinion is an excellent paving option for many homeowners, if correctly maintained it will provide durabiltiy and an aesthetically pleasing look. Generally speaking the main problems that we have to deal with in regards to repairing Pattern Imprinted Concrete are:

> Colour loss due to lack of the integral seal application.
> "Blooming" - this is a "Mysterious" milky coloured shadow that seems to be trapped within the concrete, it often can totally spoil the appearance of the area, although you will be glad to know it can be treated and removed.
>Recolouring due to colour loss.
>The Concrete has become Slippery due to lack of anti-slip Rhino Grip.

Unsealed on left/ Sealed on right

This surface generally wears away over a period of time and can often look grey and worn. Potholes start to appear and after a cold winter or wet summer along with constant vehicle use the surface begins to crack and fail. Many of our customers whom own a tarmac drive often either choose to have the tarmac patched and recoloured, alternatively if the foundations are correct we will relay a heavy duty top coat giving the appearance of a brand new driveway, this process will then massively increase the lifespan of the area.

Most Flagged Driveways, Paths and Patios face these problems at some pont within their lifespan:
>Wobbly and loose flags- Many types of flagging can be lifted and relayed.
>Deterioration of jointing material- We will re-point and strengthen the existing joints.
>Cracked Flags- replace and refit new areas as required.

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