Pattern Imprinted Concrete

Pattern Imprinted concrete can add real value to any home as well as offering a distinctive appearance. When properly installed and not aggravated by adverse weather conditions Patterned Concrete will provide the homeowner with low maintenance costs over a long period of time. Acrylic Sealant

However many Pattern Imprinted Contractors and their sales agents declare that this type of surface is maintenance free. They often do not tell clients at time of installation that there driveway, path or patio will require resealing between every 2- 4 years. This is generally down to substandard service and the fact that in a competitive market, they feel they may lose the sale due to customers feeling it could be expensive. Despite their claims, algae and lichens do colonise over the concrete giving your beautiful driveway that dirty look, weeds tend to grow within the crack control joints and the sealant will wear away.

Leading Manufacturers of Pattern Imprinted Concrete sealants such as PICs UK strongly recommend a trafficked area should be resealed every 2 -3 years or so, this will then help maintain both the colour appearance and the structural integrity of the concrete, without the correct sealant the concrete will lose colour and over time could even lead to a costly replacement driveway.


  • Protects the structural integrity of the concrete
  • Retains and enhances Colour of Concrete
  • Creates that new look appeal
  • Antislip available
  • Can save you 1000s
  • A sound investment
  • Bs5750/iso9000 quality approved
  • Rhino grip

Rhino grip is a carefully graded micronised white powder which, when added to a high solids sealer becomes transparent and will not alter the colour of the concrete surface.

Rhino grip when added to the sealer and applied at rate of 2-3m2 per litre, will increase the slip resistance value by evenly distributing millions of tiny particles over the concrete surface. The particles are bonded to the surface via the acrylic sealer.



If you have a problem with your Imprinted Concrete area, please visit our Driveway Problems pages where you will find useful information.

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