Oil Stains

A well presented driveway will help to make any home look beautiful. However a driveway is also very valuable and practical for anybody who owns a car. Off road parking can prove to be a great benefit to any homeowner.

We receive many calls with regards to oil staining and how to remedy the problem. With modern day living, many homes now have more than one car per household. Engine oil staining is a frequent problem that our cleaning teams have to deal with. A layman who tries to tackle removal of stubborn oil staining on an unsealed paved area will find it very difficult.

The sooner an oil stain can be dealt with the easier it is to remove, although this can depend upon what type of fluid has dripped onto the surface. It can take over several attempts to remove an oil stain without the correct process and products and even then, the stain is extremely difficult to completely remove, sometimes an area may well need replacing.

Here at Constructive driveways we guarantee to remove 99% of oil based stains.

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