Marshalls approved

Your guide to guarantee a professional installation

It is crucial that you find a good installer so that you can rely on their advice, knowledge and workmanship to achieve your dream patio or driveway.

Follow these 10 simple rules to a hassle free project.
1. Plan ahead. Reputable installers are usually busy and need plenty of notice.

2. Get more than one quotation.  Ask for full written quotations, not a verbal
estimate. Before comparing the quotes ensure they are on a like for like basis.

3. Choose a Marshalls Register Installer. They are independent contractors who are not paid any commissions, but they are regularly assessed and follow Marshalls’ code of practice and installation specification.

4. Don’t choose your installer purely on price. Choose the most reliable and professional contractor. It may mean the difference between a good job and an outstanding one!

5. On accepting a quote, request written confirmation of project details and price to avoid misunderstandings.

6. Select the best product for the job. ???

7. Never overlook drainage. Marshalls Register Installers can assess the natural condition of the landscape and will suggest appropriate drainage to comply with current regulations.

8. Protect your investment. On completion you can consider Marshalls 10 year Guarantee. You should also consider a maintenance service to keep your paving in best possible condition.

9. Make sure you are satisfied. A good installer will not expect payment until you are completely happy with your installation.

10. Relax and enjoy your new driveway or patio.

Cost of installation

How must will it cost?
The majority of the cost is ground preparation and labour, being 80% of the total cost.
The cost of paving actually only amounts to 20% of the total cost.