land drains and soakaway systems

Land drains are generally used to improve soft areas that suffer with water logging in prolonged times of wet weather. We are finding in the Northwest that over recent years our summers seem to have been alot wetter. The drainage systems of old were not designed to deal with the amounts of water that we are now getting and are now inadequate.

soak away box

When using land drains under lawns and fields they need to be planned appropriately, ensuring consideration of where the water will drain to once collected. Often the use of a soakaway and catch pits are needed, or another alternative SUDS system.

There are different types of land drain systems that can be used. Commonly perforated plastic pipes surrounded with pea gravel and a permeable geotextile are the preffered method. However clay perforated pipes are still used.

When installing Land drains its should also not be forgotten the importance of water retention during long dry spells as this will have an impact of the survival of the grass layer above the drained areas.

If you require any further information we can undertake a wide range of Drainage Works that will ensure that your ground remains serviceable despite heavy precipitation. The use of Drainage and water management are all becoming more popular, due to the amount of heavy rain and flooding our current weather seems to bring.


land drainage installation