Block paving is a very popular choice with the style conscious homeowner; it has been since the early 1980's when mass production saw the price per square metre fall to a more realistic level. Block paving will add both style and value to any home. New designs and specialised looks has now meant that each driveway can be given a tailor-made distinctiveness. Although new products such as Pattern Imprinted Concrete have become increasingly popular, block paving can still be seen as being in vogue.

Once block paving is installed you may well notice that within 12 months the appearance of the driveway begins to deteriorate. It often doesn't seem like two minutes ago that you handed the cheque over, those weeds and algae are moving in already. The blocks are becoming wobbly through loss of sand, due to a few attempts of DIY power washing, blasting the sand away, and to make it worse those greenish blemishes that appear on the surface are getting larger.

At Constructive Driveways we endeavor to eliminate these problems that you will face.

Applying a high quality industrial sealant that is guaranteed to last, is proven to increase the lifespan of your paving.







The Acrylic sealant that we install can be applied to a broad range of Blocks and Flags.

This product is the answer to sand loss in brick, block or flagstone paving.

The solution is applied to new or matured paving and directed into vulnerable sand joints. It penetrates up to 10 mm into the jointing sand and surface fabric, cures and creates a flexible bond, stabilising the joint and preventing weed infestation, burrowing of insects and wind or rain erosion.


By penetrating the surface, it rejuvenates the area and enhances the natural colours of the paving.


  • Less risk of costly future repairs
  • Antislip available
  • Inhibits weeds, grass and moss growth
  • Reduces loss of sand from power washing
  • Enhances the colour of paving
  • Does not blister or peel
  • Weather resistant



Polyurethane Sealants are unique for concrete block paving which not only enhance the appearance but offers a hard layer of protective coating to prevent oil stains and eliminates weed and grass growth.

It's unique formula penetrates deep into the block and jointing sand, binding the particles together and to the sides of the paving to form a flexible coating which protects the jointing sand from the natural elements and annual power washing which can cause paving failure. The sand joints become so strong that if you test the area by pushing your finger into the sand you can feel how hard it has set. If you require a sample, treated with polyurethane please enquire, we will be more than glad to send one to you.


  • Superior protection
  • Permanently b inds blocks and sand together
  • Antislip available
  • Jet wash with no loss of sand
  • Eliminates weeds and grass growth
  • Prevents reoccurrence of efflorescence
  • Available in wet look and matt look
  • Reduces problems connected with paving failure
  • Can save you £1000s
  • No more oil stains

The Leading Polyurethanes in Europe:



Resiblock, Europe's leading company specialising in providing solutions for the stabilisation of small element flexibility laid paving, has over a decade of experience at airport and port side pavements. Resiblock's wealth of expertise and knowledge is now generally recognised as the most definitive in it's field.

We have numerous case studies, where projects have successfully benefited from long term paving stabilisation, resulting in significantly lower maintenance, and reduction of whole life costs.

When you use Resiblock through Constructive you are in Good Company

  • Blackburn Rovers F.C
  • Doncaster MBC
  • Birmingham International Airport
  • Ministry of Defence
  • NEC Birmingham
  • McDonalds Restaurants
  • Safeway
  • London Underground
  • Exeter City Council
  • Jaguar
  • Railtrack
  • Tesco

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