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Block Paving maintenance

how much attention does block paving require?

It is often suggested that block paving requires more maintenance than other paved areas, however we feel that these statements are untrue. In our opinion no more maintenance is required than most other surfaces.

Firtsly alot depends upon where the paving is situated, it is likely that if situated under a tree, where there is little light, moss and algae can thrive, common sense will prevail and tell us that this area will require a higher amount of maintenance than that of an area in the open.

There are also a number of different manufacturers, that produce concrete block paving products. Each block paver is designed differently and some allow the infestation of weeds and algae to collect quicker than others. Weeds can establish themselves in the shanfered areas of each block.

Its highly likely most other surfaces will require the same proportionate of maintenance. For example, Pattern imprinted concrete will require a an new sealant application every 2-3 years if not sooner, depending on the wear and tear it recieves at higher cost level than maintaining block paving over the same period.

Our recommendation

The main element of maintenance that is required to keep the block paving surface looking aesthtically pleasing, is cleaning and weed treating annually. Resanding and compaction will be required to keep the sub-base in good working order. You can find more details on this on our block paving cleaning and maintenance pages.

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The use of an industrial strength sealant can also be used to reduce and inhibit weed growth and to stabilise the jointing sand. ( read more about the importance of jointing sand and effects of paving failure here)

Constructive can provide further details on specific maintenance plans if you require any further information.

We can also tailor make a block paving cleaning plan designed specifically to your paved areas, Please follow our paving shield links to find out more.

Click here to find out more about our block paving cleaning click here to view our Paving Shield block paving cleaning section

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