Our Promise

Our Promise

We realise that listening to our supplier's and customer's needs are essential within our business so we endevour to bring a mutual trusting relationship to all of whom we deal with.

We strive to implement the following principles:

Handle all enquiries promptly and courteously, providing all customers with a full written detailed quotation as an integral element of forming our new business relationship.

Ensure all products are installed correctly and in accordance to the manufacturer's specification.

Use only 'first' quality materials, ensuring they are installed by a trained and experienced person.

Take due care throughout the installation process, respecting the property, possessions and feelings of our customers at all times.

Offer our customers a genuine guarantee along with a full warranty on selected products and services.

Offer an aftercare service, second to none, that will solve customer's problems today and are not put on hold until tomorrow.

We will uphold the principles of honesty and integrity in our dealing with all suppliers and customers alike, ensuring that all transactions are conducted diligently and in good faith.

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